Burger Theory - Ambassador Review

Posted by Abee Hague (curves.and.campervans) on Feb 13, 2020 12:41:03 PM


★★★★ ★

On Monday evening we took ourselves out for an after-work treat. January was nearly over and it was only another few days till payday! Woo! For the past few months, we had been wanting to revisit Burger Theory, were back in the summer we had two of the best burgers we had ever eaten. Oh! And not forgetting PINA COLADAS!

@curves.and.campervans @ Burger Theory 6

We stepped back into the vibrant little restaurant once again, and were greeted by some friendly, faces we recognised from our previous visit! They recognised us instantly so we caught up and had a bit of a giggle. Always so welcoming!

@curves.and.campervans @ Burger Theory 8

We sat down in a little window the seat next to another couple and hit off instantly. They were loving their food and recommending all sorts of options off the menu. Although this was so thoughtful we already had our hungry tummy’s set on the ultimate burger, The Hairy Beast!!!! Our Pina Colada was dropped to the table, so we toasted the start of a new week. Honestly one of the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time! Bliss!

@curves.and.campervans @ Burger Theory 3

As we chatted away, the restaurant filled up with hungry diners chomping away on burgers. Super quickly our food arrived. ‘Oh em geeee’ two ginormous burgers, a bowl of Karaage Chicken loaded fries and some Korean Fried chicken bites. It was a mountain of the tastiest, most Instagram worthy food ever. Our burgers were loaded with so many different tasty ingredients, we could barely fit them in our mouths! The chicken was amazing, and the fries kept revealing more tasty layers of food.

@curves.and.campervans @ Burger Theory 2

Our food was just amazing. 10/10. With very full tummies we settled up using our The Stevie App, where we received a very good discount on top of our food and drinks. Feeling extremely happy and full of lovely food, we headed home for the evening. It was a perfect start to a busy week and a chance to catch up and relax after a day's work. We will be back Burger Theory!

@curves.and.campervans @ Burger Theory 7

Using the Stevie App, you can get 25% off the total bill, including drinks. 5 days a week at Burger Theory. Download the app to redeem this discount. 

About Author: Hi, I’m Abee and I’m a plus-size fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer living in Bristol. When I’m not Instagramming, you can find me out in my VW camper exploring the UK or sampling Bristols booming food scene! Follow us on (curves.and.campervans). 

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