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Posted by Abee Hague (curves.and.campervans) on Feb 21, 2020 11:20:08 AM



After a long day at work and a constant week of rain and coldness, we were so excited to be heading out on Tuesday for a cosy evening in the pub. There’s nowhere I would rather be when it’s Gail force winds and a blanket of wet mizzle outside. 

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We arrived at the cosy, warm pub. Welcomed by a team of extremely friendly staff that showed us to our table. The pub was large and nearly every table was full of people relaxing and enjoying a pint or two after work with their dinner. The menu was inviting, lots to choose from and all sounded yummy.

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I opted for fish and chips and Luke decided on a chicken burger. We even shared a side of chicken wings too. Our food arrived and we began our giant feast! Portions were extremely generous and the food was presented beautifully. It was good old tasty, traditional pub food! Just what we were after! No cooking, no dishes and a relaxed after work wind down.

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To finish we shared a hot chocolate sundae which I’ll be honest was gone in about thirty seconds... so we wound down from our food, we didn’t realise but our evening was only just beginning! The quiz began! As we let our food settle, the quiz chief came around inviting all the tables to join in with their weekly quiz. We downloaded an app on our phone and waited patiently for it to begin.

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Wow! Omg, it was so so much fun! A question would be called and all the tables would quickly press the correct answer, or make their guess on the phone. Then he would call out the teams that got the question right and the fastest. We got so into the game and really became quite competitive. It was so much fun. We had an absolutely wonderful evening, we laughed and smiled from start to finish. It was brilliant. We will definitely be returning on a Tuesday for dinner, drinks and quiz!!!!

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Using the Stevie App, you can get 2 for 1 mains 4 days a week at The Crafty Cow. Download the app to redeem this discount.

About Author: Hi, I’m Abee and I’m a plus-size fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer living in Bristol. When I’m not Instagramming, you can find me out in my VW camper exploring the UK or sampling Bristols booming food scene! Follow us on (curves.and.campervans). 

@curves.and.campervans @ The Crafty Cow


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