When you’re feeling broke in London what better time to take Stevie with you!

Posted by Stefania - Broke In London on May 13, 2020 8:25:06 PM

Having a little more spare time on your hands means you get to organise your life a little more. Times can be tough financially, especially after seeing your account balance lol but we still tend to want everything, especially going out doing all the fun things! Searching through the internet you come across so many interesting money-saving sites or tips where to save money, It’s not the easiest job though, on your search you tend to put shoes in checkout which makes you feel you’re one step closer to buying! Shoes or eat, hmmm shoes it is… lol, jokes… well, sort of! Anyways, I came across Enjoy Stevie which was an interesting find. 50% off food, 2 for 1 on meals and more across UK restaurants, it’s as little as a £3 per month or £20 per year outlay which gives you access to all the discounts, It says if you eat out a lot you can save up to £1000 per year… not bad at all… more shoes! Or Broke In London readers receives a discount code with 20% off (Using BROKELDN at payment checkout).

Enjoy Stevie blog img

After signing up to their app I see their in-app membership card is pretty unique, it lives inside the app too, very easy to use. Choose your restaurant and turn you mobile on its side for your card to appear… pretty cool to be fair. No faffing around!

I’ve started to learn to take discount sites and tips a little more serious, you can actually save money having fun, which gives you more money available for adult stuff, like bills...yuck!

Saving money is not embarrassing, it’s actually smart thinking… if something benefits you more… why wouldn’t you? A healthy bank account means a healthier mind.

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